many projects, one framework

Our process is a unique experiment in art and community engagement. We are constantly learning and adjusting as we go, and the entire community is invited to be co-creators in our study sessions, devising workshops, open rehearsals and post-performance talkbacks. 


The work is divided into four phases that align with the four phases of ancient sacred text study techniques such as the Jewish tradition of PaRDeS and the Christian Lectio Divina, contemplative practices where one explores increasingly deeper layers of reading a text.

The four steps are:




In[HEIR]itance artists lead study sessions examining a sacred text connected to the community conversation. Local participants share their own personal narratives, and collectively, we draw connections with the text.


Using the communal study phase and collected personal narratives as inspirations, we hold writing workshops and open rehearsals with the community. Participants create and shape material that will ultimately be presented back to their community, expanding previously generated material to better reflect the community as a whole.




In[HEIR]itance artists work with local artists, technicians and, performers to make a cohesive theatrical performance out of what has been created through the process. This presentation reflects the community back to itself, and is followed by an intentionally designed critical feedback session that allows participants and viewers to discuss what was revealed through the process and the performance. 




All box office proceeds from performances go to creating opportunities for local artists and arts organizations to continue the conversation. Communities that have created In[HEIRitance Projects become part of our national network of folks committed to healing the world through art.


WHY WE DO what we do

We are divided now more than ever, and it is easier to remain in our chosen silos than it is to engage with our neighbors and communities. These divisions create barriers to civic dialogue and civil society. We believe that something magical happens when people gather together and open their hearts to those around them. And through this work, we are offering an open door for people to find just that. It is our hope that by learning more about each other, we can learn more about the world around us, and about how to make it a better place for everyone. We find this work to be healing. We hope that you will too. 

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